Monday, April 18, 2011

I-CON 30 and more...

I wanted to let everyone know I had a fantastic time at I-Con 30! It was really a blast. Got to meet some industry heavyweights like Bob Rozakis, Robert Greenberger, Mike Kaluta, Charles Rozakis and his awesome wife Rebecca! As well as run into my pals from last time the uber talented Elaine Lee and Mark Mazz! I also got to meet the wonderful Denise Poirier, who was involved with Elaine's audio comic book recording Starstruck. I have started listening to it tonight and it is fantastic, so check that out!! Check out Mark's comic book publishing company Atlas Unleashed as well, filled with just fantastic stories. I also got to meet the wonderfully charming Julie Benz, who was just great! All in all, there was some drama but better to stick with the positive and say that I definitely enjoyed my time. Hope to come back again!

Also please continue to check out my new web comic right here: There will be another page update in 5 days! Please follow me at deviantart: and you can also check out my occasional tweets at

Also wanted to plug a pal of mine through linkedin, his work is very nice and thought you might all like it as well, you can see it at:

Thank you everyone!!

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