Monday, June 11, 2012

Nothing that new to report, just thought I would hop on here and give everyone a small update. I had an awesomely productive weekend. Doing a lot of penciling, inking and running around for a new freelance project! Thought I would share my twitter: and my pinterest: pages, since those are just easier for me to update at the moment. Blogging has proven to be difficult for me to keep up with, not that I am giving up on this at all. I will be providing updates when I can, but again twitter and pinterest are easier for me. Hope everyone has a great Monday! Should have some artwork to share soon I hope!

Monday, June 4, 2012

So after a long day of work and now actual art, I am almost too wiped out to do a blog post. I promised myself I would anyway, so here I go. Not much to say although I am working on several projects, so this will be a link heavy blog. Haha. Firstly, I am working with Studio 39 on an awesome comic, which is a work in progress. However they had me talk and give a small demonstration about digital painting last week, there will be a video and I will do a shout out about that when it airs! Yay! Please check them out here: They are amazing people. I am currently working on another project for Atlas Unleashed, so I will keep you all posted about those two when they are available and what Cons my pal Mark Mazz will be hitting up! And finally I am working on a webcomic, titled Concrete World. I am their new artist. So you should check out the chapters of amazing work they have up, so you will be all caught up when my work premiers! I think that's about it, I am still available for commissions. Feel free to e-mail me: Thank you everyone!